[7/31/17] Washington State Patrol Explains New Dangerously Distracted Law

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Officials with the Washington State Patrol and Washington Traffic Safety Commission, held a briefing last Friday, trying to clear up confusion about portions of the E-DUI law that went into effect a little more than a week ago. Specifically, the Dangerously Distracted section.

That portion of the distracted driving law, addresses other types of distractions- such as eating, drinking, smoking, grooming or reading that could interfere with safe driving.

Captain Monica Alexander, with Washington State Patrol says that portion of law has been misinterpreted as troopers looking for drivers who are eating or drinking, when that is not the case…


In other words, law enforcement will site you for those activities, only if they were instrumental in causing a primary infraction. It’s also important to note that drivers will have a 6 month grace period with the new law.

During Friday’s briefing, reporters were making up scenarios and asking if they would warrant a ticket… so, if drivers are confused about this section of the law- what about law enforcement— are they confused, too?

Captain Alexander admits it is a learning process for all…