[3/23/18] US Forest Service Looking To Stay One Step Ahead Of Upcoming Wildfire Season With Mission Restoration Project

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The US Forest Service is looking to stay one step ahead of the upcoming wildfire season with the proposed Mission Restoration Project in Okanogan County.

Marcus Bellissimo, with our sister station, KOHO 101, in Wenatchee, has more…

The USFS has just released its draft decision for the Mission Restoration Project, which is designed to increase ecosystem health and forest resilience within the Buttermilk and Libby Creek watersheds near Twisp. The draft decision details ways to deal with forest overcrowding and restore aquatic and wildlife habitat. Mike Liu, District Ranger for the Methow Valley Ranger District.


The draft decision reflects input from more than 100 residents of the area and aims to restore health to the 50,000 plus acres that were analyzed through a combination of thinning and prescribed fire.


Long term water quality and aquatic habitat would also be improved throughout the watershed.


Other highlights of the draft decision include keeping over 66 miles of roads open for forest recreation, the estimated generation of several million dollars in timber sales through commercial thinning, supporting mill jobs in the area and firewood cutting opportunities. In accordance with federal regulations, the Forest Service will offer a formal objection period on the final environmental analysis, which officially began on March 15th.