[3/27/18] Studded Tire Removal Deadline Extended To April 15

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If you are scrambling to find time to remove your studded tires – take a breath.

Washington State Department of Transportation has extended your deadline.

Spring is here, but the potential for additional late snow means the deadline to remove studded tires in Washington State has been extended by two weeks. From Saturday, March 31 to the end of the day, Sunday, April 15th.

State law allows Washington State Department of Transportation extend the deadline into April if current or predicted conditions make for difficult travel.

The decision to extend is made in consultation with meteorologists and maintenance supervisors.

The deadline was last extended in 2012.

This year’s decision was based on the long range forecast that showed the potential for significant weather, including snow that could affect cross state travel well into April.

With the new extension , all studded tires need to removed no later than the end of the day, Sunday April 15.

Beginning Monday, April 16, drivers with studded tires on their vehicle face a $136 traffic infraction.

Removal services can be crowded near the deadline, so plan accordingly.

Washington and Oregon generally share the same studded tire removal deadline- and the Oregon Department of Transportation is also extending their deadline to April 15.

Other states may have later studded tire removal dates, but the Washington law applies to all vehicles in the state- even those visiting from elsewhere. There are no personal exemptions or waivers beyond the extension date.