[7/28/17] “Olds Station” area and PUD are close to an agreement….

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Chelan County PUD is close to an agreement on placing a new substation in the Olds Station area. PUD Commissioner Steve McKenna says a replacement for the current substation was getting to be a priority:

To the rescue comes Stemilt Fruit, who is expanding operations in Olds Station, and has level land available for a new substation:

Stemilt has tentatively agreed to provide the site for a substation; in exchange, the fruit company will get up to one-fifth of the maximum power generated by the substation – although Stemilt will pay for the power it needs. The one-acre site is away from the highway and north of Stemilt’s expansion, and has space for expansion capacity, room for the mobile substation if needed, and would save on siting and permitting costs. McKenna calls it a true win-win for both Stemilt and the PUD:

Action on the agreements is planned for the PUD Commission’s next meeting August 7th; if approved, permit application would begin in the fall, with design and building of the new susbstation for 2018 and 2019.