[7/3/17] Manson School District Begins Remodel Projects

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The Manson School District, at their meeting last week, took action on a pair of resolutions that will allow the school district to enter into a Limited General Obligation Bond for paying costs associated with several projects currently underway at the school.

Manson School Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says essentially, the General Obligation Bond is a loan that will be paid back with levy monies…

Those projects, Charlton says, includes renovating the music and shop rooms and relocating the art room, along with some roofing and lighting projects…

The projects are already underway, Charlton says…


The Manson community invests in voc-tech and the arts!

As soon as the last student left for the summer crews began work on the art, band and shop classrooms at Manson Middle/High School.  Each of these programs is an important piece in providing a well-rounded education that prepares Manson students for college and/or careers.

The band at Manson is a source of pride and has outgrown its current space.  The remodel restructures the band room allowing for more seating and instrument storage.  It also provides the band with state of the art sound/recording abilities.

The shop will be updated with new vent hoods, new dust collection system and new equipment.  The classroom associated with the shop will be relocated and remodeled to allow for better supervision and better flow for students.

The art classroom gets relocated to the middle of the school and will be a fresh new space that will be highlighted by an art courtyard on the exterior that will allow for student to be inspired by nature.

The three-month remodel is expected to be completed by the beginning of school in September.  In total the project will cost just over $1,000,000, with $600,000 coming from the previously issued capital levy.  Another $400,000 plus is provided by the state.  The general contractor on the project is Whitebird out of Wenatchee.