[7/17/17] Listen To Latest Details On Canyon Creek Fire- SR 153 Open To Single Lane Pilot Car Traffic

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LATEST UPDATE: SR-153 milepost 22 near Carlton to milepost 25 is open to one lane piloted control traffic.

More than 200 firefighters are battling the stubborn Canyon Creek Fire in the Methow Valley- and more are on the way…


That’s Maurice Goodall, Emergency Manager for Okanogan County. He told KOZI News that the wildfire was reported shortly after noon on Saturday, July 15th


The abandoned home, consumed by fire is believed to be owned by Bob Elk…


Level 3 is the highest level of Evacuation Notice- it means you are in immediate danger; load your family and pets into your vehicle and leave now.

Level 2 evacuation indicates there is significant risk in your area, the fire is nearby and a mandatory evacuation order may be issued at any time. You should use this time to prepare for immediate evacuation.

The Red Cross is maintaining an evacuation shelter at the Methow Valley Community Center in Twisp.

Evacuated residents are encouraged to bring the following for EACH member of their family: prescription and emergency medication, extra clothing, pillows, blankets, hygiene supplies, important documents and other comfort items.

An investigation to determine the cause of the Canyon Creek Fire, near Carlton, is underway. Although no officials determination has been made, it is widely speculated that the fire began when a vehicle’s wheel came into contact with a curb, or something along the highway…


Stay tuned for Canyon Creek Fire updates.