[8/28/17] Liquor Suspension

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The owner of Senor Frogs on Woodin Avenue has filed a motion to delay a seven-day suspension of his liquor license due to take effect next month.

Richard Montoya says state investigators mistakenly claimed an obviously intoxicated person received service there.

Tavern workers allegedly served liquor in April 2016, to a woman who appeared drunk, while two liquor control officers were in the bar.


The liquor enforcement agents reported the woman was “swaying” while she walked with a beer in hand and leaned on the bar. The agents said the woman spoke to them with slurred speech and had trouble sitting on a stool. They then identified themselves and told her and the bar staff that she could no longer be served.

Montoya appealed, submitting security video he said showed the woman walking normally. An administrative law judge upheld the license suspension after an April 2017 hearing.

But Montoya was able to contact the woman, a 31-year-old healthcare consulting executive from Seattle. In a May 2017 letter, she wrote that she’d visited Chelan for a business conference, and came to Senor Frog’s with a group of fellow attendees. The beer she consumed at the bar was “perhaps my fourth drink in a long evening, a number well within my tolerance.”

The contention that I was stumbling and slurring my words is completely false, and the assertion that I was heavily intoxicated is baseless.”

Montoya’s motion argues that he was wrongfully denied a continuance to allow him to find and contact the woman ahead of the administrative hearing. Her account of the evening “would have provided a significant basis” for the administrative judge to find in Montoya’s favor.

If the court turns down Montoya’s motion, the liquor license would be inoperative for seven days beginning Sept.8.