[12/4/18] Leffler Park Purchase In Works

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The Manson Chamber of Commerce is working with the Leffler family and other entities to purchase Leffler Field and convert into a park. Here’s Jeff Conwell with the Manson Chamber:

The Lefflers are asking $1.3 million for the five acre property. Two weeks ago the Chamber asked Chelan County for $500-thousand to acquire the property, the rest will come from donations. Conwell says the aim is for the chamber to acquire the property and give it to the Manson Parks Department. As for what will go into the proposed Leffler Park?

Conwell says the next step is to meet with Chelan Count Port executives next week, then there will be a letter sent to county commissioners reflecting the port’s support. And with the half-million from the county in hand, Conwell says, the clock then starts ticking:

Conwell says now is the time to step up to keep the property from being developed because if it doesn’t become a park, who knows?

Conwell says a website has been set up to handle donations, it is: lefflerparkfund.amploadvance.com.