[3/19/18] Lake Chelan School District Looks To Expand Administrative Offices & Classrooms To Vacated Space

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The Lake Chelan School District will soon be moving their administrative offices– not far, same building…just down the hall a little bit…


That’s Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Barry DePaoli. He says the district has already found one tenant for the current Administrative offices, soon to be vacated…


The school district owns the building, and Chelan Fresh Marketing has been a tenant for many years.

Another long time tenant, Columbia Valley Community Health recently gave up their lease in the school district owned building after constructing a new clinic in the Apple Blossom Center.

Depaoli says the space previously occupied by Columbia Valley Community Health will be developed into new Administrative Offices and new classroom space…


That’s Lake Chelan School District Superintendent, Barry DePaoli.