[7/10/17] Key To Keeping Cool In Extreme Heat Is Drinking Water

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One full week into July and summer is heating up. A high of 100 last, and warm temps predicted for this week with the likelihood of more to come this month and next.

This type of heat can wreak havoc for all plants, animals and humans.

Anyone can fall victim to a heat-related illness, especially those who aren’t used to extreme temperatures, said Dr. Don Bucklin, regional medical director for U.S. Healthworks. He said, normally, your body cools itself off by sweating. But during hot weather, particularly with high humidity, sweating sometimes isn’t enough. The key, he says, is water…

When heat illness hits, he said cramps are usually the first sign, followed by intense sweating, nausea and headache. Heat stroke, also known as sunstroke, is the most dangerous and happens when a person’s internal body temperature starts to rise.

Bucklin said that should be considered a medical emergency because it can be fatal. He also notes that some people are more susceptible to heat illnesses than others, including those working outdoors, folks who are very young or elderly, and those who are obese. Concerns also increase for chronic alcoholics and people taking some types of medications. ..

People who have a heat stroke have body temperatures that reach 104 degrees and higher. Bucklin said in those cases, an emergency-room visit is mandatory.

Stay cool out there!