[7/21/17] Holding Your Phone While Driving Becomes Illegal On Sunday

Posted in Law Enforcement


In just 3 days- some of the things that were allowed while driving, will no longer be legal.

The new Distracted Driving Law goes into effect this Sunday.

Washington State Trooper and Public Information Officer, Brian Moore, says the so called E-DUI was originally written to take effect in two years…

072017 Distracted Driving Law 1 :31 “…dangers of distracted driving.”

Moore says the original distracted driving law was put into law more than 10 years ago, and a lot has changed with technology since that time…

072017 Distracted Driving Law 2 :36 “…prevent a tragic consequence.”

With the new Distracted Driving law, not only can you no longer hold your phone—Trooper Moore adds that it will also be a primary offense…

072017 Distracted Driving Law 3 :33 “…a multi tasking event.”

Under the new law- you are still allowed one touch use- to answer your phone- as long as the phone itself is not in your hands.

So, how much will the ticket run you?

072017 Distracted Driving Law 4 :43 “…start raising your rates.”