[7/26/17] Experts Say Waterville’s 3.3 Magnitude Earthquake Was Larger Than Average

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On Monday, shortly before 1pm, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook just outside Waterville, and was reportedly felt throughout the region. It was followed up with three aftershock quakes ranging in size from 1.1 to 1.7 magnitude.

Dr. Mouse Reusch (roosh) is the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network Shake Alert Regional Coordinator.

She shares more on yesterday’s quake…

072617 Waterville Earthquake 1 :39 “…damage is pretty low.”

Earthquakes aren’t new to the area- in fact, they are normal- however, Reusch says, 3.3 magnitude is bigger than average…

072617 Waterville Earthquake 2 :33 “…region that you’re in.”

Have you ever wondered what you should do if you feel an earthquake? Reusch encourages everyone who feels an earthquake, to report it. And, she doesn’t mean to call 911..

072617 Waterville Earthquake 3 1:13 “…feel at your location.”

Again- that website is psns.org- follow links to the Did You Feel It? Page to report your experience.