[3/28/18] Dryden Man Fined $100,000 For Illegally Placing Fill Dirt In Wenatchee River And Removing Vegetation

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Jeffery Kinzel, of Dryden, has been fined $100,000 for illegally placing fill dirt in the Wenatchee River and removing vegetation along the shoreline.

The Washington Department of Ecology levied the penalty against Kinzel for illegal construction in the river channel without getting the necessary plans, permits and authorizations.

In the last decade, Kinzel has faced multiple fines and restoration orders for illegal construction activities in the river.

Along with the civil penalty, Kinzel has been ordered to obtain all necessary permits and remove the un-permitted development, including the fill placed in the river and along the shoreline. He must also replant vegetation to re-establish the river buffer along his shoreline property.

Kinzel now has 30 days to file an appeal with the state’s Shoreline Hearings Board.

Chelan County has worked closely with ecology and other state agencies to adopt local policies and regulations that protect people, their homes and structures, as well as the shoreline environment.

Since 2005, Chelan County has removed 10 fish migration barriers and created seven new fish and wildlife habitat areas along the Wenatchee River.

Fully functioning shorelines and associated flood plains, provide a place for rivers and streams to safely fluctuate, protecting properties downstream. They are also places where fresh organic material and organisms can settle, creating a rich habitat and feeding area for threatened salmon and other resident fish species.