[3/23/18] City Of Chelan Launching Curbside Recycling Ahead Of Recycle Center Closure

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Joining a growing list of cities getting out of the recycling business, Entiat officials have closed the free recycling box at Entiat City Hall.

They were left with few choices, after the City of Chelan, which sorted and shipped the material from the Entiat drop box, decided to close their recycling center…


That’s Chelan City Administrator, Mike Jackson. He says the City of Chelan is replacing the recycling center with a curbside recycling program….


If you live within the city limits, the City of Chelan will be delivering a blue recycling container that will be picked up every other week. You will receive your schedule in the mail.

If you live outside city limits, you will need to contact either Zippy Disposal, or Waste Management, depending on who has the garbage contract for your area.

Initially, the City of Chelan will not charge extra for curbside recycling, however they are very restrictive on what they will accept: no glass, no loose paper…


The Chelan Recycle Center, near Walmart, will close its doors permanently at the end of May.