[1/7/20] Three Manson residents injured in accident on 97-A

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Highway 97A was closed yesterday Morning for nearly four hours due to a two-vehicle crash that put three Manson residents in the hospital with injuries. The other vehicle involved in the collision was a Chelan County Sheriff automobile driven by Deputy Nigel Hunter of East Wenatchee who was treated at the hospital and released. Hunter […]

[12/24/19] SUV launches into Oroville clinic

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(AUDIO) Confluence’s Oroville clinic gets a new opening when a vehicle crashes through the building.

[12/18/19] Winter snowstorm on its way

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(AUDIO) Weather conditions are staging to change up today and through the weekend.

[12/16/19] LCHWF gives donation to Tender Loving Care

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A generous donation will help Chelan’s Tender Loving Care organization bring awareness to the the topic of memory loss.

[12/16/19] Flu in the schools: what’s happening?

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The wintertime months are bringing illness to schools across the country and the region. Celeste Hankins has the story, as well as tips to help keep your kids healthy.

[12/12/19] How to stay warm and save watts this winter

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(Audio) An award-winning advocate from Chelan County PUD has a few tricks up his sleeve to help customers save both energy and dollars on their power bill. Celeste Hankins has the story.

[12/12/19] Give those snowplows some space!

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(Audio) Now that winter has come to north central Washington, Chelan County’s fleet of 30-ton snowplows has taken to the roads. Celeste Hankins reports on some precautions drivers should take when they encounter the massive snow movers.

[12/12/19] Apple license plate proposed

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(Audio) Washington state has more than 50 specialty license plates supporting everything from square dancing to lighthouses. What’s been missing is a specialty plate dedicated to our state’s largest and more recognized crop. Apples! www.ipetitions.com/petition/washington-apples-license-plate

[12/11/19] Waste facility gives a primer on paint

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(AUDIO) Chelan County’s new moderate risk waste facility welcomed its first customers last weekend, but a lot of people had to take their items back home. Here’s the item NOT to bring, and what to do with it instead.

[12/11/19] State Route 20 closes for season

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(AUDIO) Winter recreation, avalanche chutes and rescue goats. Yes, it’s that time of year to close the North Cascades Pass.