[7/18/19] Another Seattle Area Shaker

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Seismic activity continues here in Washington. A magnitude 3.0 earthquake struck in the same area as Friday’s 4.6 quake that was felt across the Puget Sound region. The U.S. Geological Survey reports the quake near Monroe happened yesterday afternoon at 4:43 at a depth of 16 miles. Friday’s quake was roughly 13.5 miles deep and […]

[7/18/19] Stinky Plant Blooms

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After 17 years, a rare corpse flower housed at Washington State University Vancouver is finally blooming for the first time. It was nicknamed Titan VanCoug and began to bloom Monday evening outside the greenhouse at the Science and Engineering Building. The bloom only lasts 48 hours so WSU set up a live webcam stream. Titan […]

[7/17/19] Chinook Season Opens on the Columbia

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Anglers are smiling as fishing for chinook salmon was open yesterday on the uppper Columbia River. At one point the season looked to be in jeopardy due to forecasts of a poor return. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the actual numbers of returning Chinook have been above expectation says Chad Jackson, WDFW […]

[7/17/19] Senators Push Earthquake Alerts

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A group of U.S. senators from the West Coast is urging the government to ensure that planned changes to the national Wireless Emergency Alert system do not impair its ability to provide rapid warnings about earthquakes. Twenty senators signed a letter yesterday to Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai [ah-jeet pie]. The FCC plans to […]

[7/17/19] Possible Orca Retirement Sanctuary

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An environmental nonprofit group is hosting a series of public meetings in western Washington to discuss the possibility of creating an enclosure in Washington’s San Juan Islands for orcas retired from theme parks. Leaders of the Whale Sanctuary Project say a cordoned-off bay or cove can also serve as a rehabilitation site if a member […]


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Effects of last week’s flash flooding are still being felt. South Lakeshore Road took a heavy hit and crews will be out today. Chelan County Public Works Kermit McClellan: Work on that project will continue this week with a target completion date this of Wednesday.  

[7/9/19] New Radioactive Dangers

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A new report warns that a huge facility on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland is at risk of releasing radioactive contamination into the environment the longer it remains standing. The Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant was built in 1956 and is heavily contaminated after being used to help produce plutonium for the nation’s nuclear weapons […]

[7/8/19] New Orca Born

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Researchers have confirmed a new calf born to a pod of endangered orcas in the Pacific Northwest is female. Scientists believe the whale was born in late May. They have designated her J56. She is the second calf born in the last five months to southern resident killer whales that frequent Puget Sound and other […]

[7/5/19] Rising Sea Levels Costly

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A climate study has estimated that Seattle’s costs associated with sea level rise could be more than $23.8 billion by 2040. The Center for Climate Integrity conducted the evaluation of potential costs of constructing seawalls in 22 coastal states and the District of Columbia. Washington state ranked seventh between New Jersey ($24.9 billion) and California […]

[7/3/19] Dairies Blamed for Groundwater Contamination

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One of Eastern Washington’s Congressional Representatives says a federal study that blamed dairies for groundwater contamination was flawed and should not be used against them. Republican Representative Dan Newhouse of Sunnyside says the 2012 federal nitrate study named Lower Yakima Valley dairies as a source for contamination of rural, domestic wells. Newhouse this week asked […]