[7/19/17] Canyon Creek Fire 100% Contained

Posted in Wildfire

Canyon Creek Fire is 100% contained according to Incident Commander Mikal Barnet.  The term containment, when being used in relation to wildland fire is defined as the fire having a natural barrier, dozer line, wet line, roads, scratch line, retardant line, etc. around it to keep it from spreading.  Once the fire is extinguished, firefighters use the term “controlled”, which they define as “The complete extinguishment of a fire, including spot fires. Fireline has been strengthened so that flare-ups from within the perimeter of the fire will not break through this line.”  Lastly, a fire is not declared “out” until firefighters determine that there are no heat sources that could ignite.  Oftentimes, especially with late season fires, declaring a fire ‘out’ doesn’t happen until snowfall.


Fireline suppression repair work will continue tomorrow for Canyon Creek Fire.  That work includes adding waterbars and pulling berms from dozer lines that were put in place during initial attack and pulling hoselays that are no longer needed for operations.  Okanogan Public Utility District is continuing to fell hazard trees and set power poles.  Mop-up efforts continue, particularly near the northeast fire perimeter.


As has been stated previously, there will be smoke visible within the fire perimeter in the coming weeks.