[3/14/18] After Abrupt Resignation Of One Fire Commissioner, Remaining Two Will Appoint Replacement

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Amid growing public backlash to a proposed levy lid lift, Chelan Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Tom Peters has abruptly resigned from the governing board that oversees Chelan County Fire District 7…


On Tuesday, in an exclusive interview with KOZI, Peters cited multiple reasons for his decision to resign, including a growing frustration with Washington State’s Open Public Meeting Act…


Peters also noted the challenge of operating a fire district limited to an annual 1% increase in revenue…


That 1% tax increase limit is the result of I – 747, a tax initiative voted into law by Washington state residents.

In addition to the 1%, taxing districts do get new revenue from any new construction and/or annexed properties.

Recognizing the limit on revenue, Peters says more work needs to be done on the expense side…


By law, the two remaining Chelan Fire & Rescue Commissioners, Russ Jones and Phil Moller have up to 90 days to appoint a replacement for Tom Peters.

A typical process would include soliciting letters of interest from those who would like to serve on the board followed by public candidate interviews- culminating in an appointment.

The interview process may or may not include citizen participation.

The successful candidate, once appointed, will serve the remainder of Peters’ term, running through December, 2019.