[4/5/17] Winthrop Council To Discuss Possible Agreement With Twisp For Temporary Law Enforcement

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

As anticipated, a discussion on an inter-local law enforcement agreement has been added to tonight’s Winthrop Town Council agenda.

Under the proposed agreement- Winthrop would pay $17,000 per month to the Town of Twisp to share a patrol officer 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Winthrop has been without its own police force since mid February when Mayor Ann Acheson fired then Marshal Hal Henning due a disagreement over the Marshal’s job performance.

The Winthrop Town Marshal position has been a virtual revolving door for several years, with more hiring, firing and resignations than we can keep track of.

The Twisp police force is now three strong, following the hiring of an entry level officer last fall.

Still- the law enforcement agreement, if approved, would put a strain on the Twisp Police Force.

Listen for more on tonight’s Winthrop town council meeting: