Chelan County Sheriff’s Office

[7/6/16] Two Near-Drownings On Lake Chelan Over Weekend

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Chelan County Sheriff’s Office says they are coming off of a busy 4th of July weekend that prompted several responses by deputies. Chelan County Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says deputies responded to a wide range of of calls over the weekend… Huddleston says in addition to the typical law enforcement calls, EMS crews also responded to […]

[12/18/15] Be Proactive With Delivered Packages

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There’s nothing more anxious than fretting over picking the perfect gift to mail only to worry whether it will get intercepted by a doorstop thief. Law enforcement across the state and country are reporting several disturbing incidents of package theft. Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, shares the concern and has this warning… Thankfully, for […]

[12/18/15] A Look At Columbia River Drug Taskforce

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The Columbia River Drug Taskforce is a force of professional Law Enforcement tasked with aggressively seeking illigal drug sales, distribution and use within the Chelan Douglas County Region. The team was established in 1991- and is funded by the participating agencies as well as through grant money from the state and federal government. Chris Foreman […]