[4/3/17] State Route 20 Getting Late Start On Clearing For Season

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It doesn’t look as though SR 20- the North Cascades Highway- will not open in time for the annual Winthrop 49er Day Celebration…

040317 SR 20 Clearing 1 :13 “…them are still full.”

That’s Washington State Department of Transportation Spokesperson, Jeff Adamson…

040317 SR 20 Clearing 2 :46 “…shoots before April 10th.”

Adamson says clearing those avalanche shoots and preparing the roadway for vehicular traffic could take as many as eight weeks- which would be the latest opening since 1974’s June 14th re-opening…

040317 SR 20 Clearing 3 :04 “…ourselves missing memorial day.”

Don’t over react quite yet. I’s likely that SR 20- the North Cascades Highway- the northern most route across the Cascade Mountain range in Washington State- will not reopen in time for the annual 49er Days Celebration.

However- if you know how DOT works– they tend to under-promise and over-deliver.

It’s still very well could be open in plenty of time for Memorial Day visitors.