[4/14/17] Rotary KOZI Radioathon Golden Egg Clues For Thursday

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Rotary Radioathon $500 Golden Egg- Thurs Clues


  1. Another day- another clue. Maybe no one’s listening but you.
  2. Here comes a guy who can peek and pry. Will he see me or walk on by?
  3. You need a real hint to keep playing the game. A lot of these hiding places look the same.
  4. Walk around town, lots of places to feast. You can find me by looking East.
  5. Getting tired in your search? Find a seat on a nearby perch.
  6. Where flags are resting is a good place to try. Look around and there am I.
  7. I’m not inside. That wouldn’t be cool. Neither am I near by a pool.
  8. A friend of trees is a friend of mine. But, don’t look for me under any sign.
  9. I think you’ve come close. I’ve seen you smile. But I don’t think we’ll meet for a while.
  10. I can see the lake, that’s important to note. Like to watch that big Lady boat.