[4/14/17] Rotary KOZI Radioathon Golden Egg Clues For Friday

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Rotary Radioathon $500 Golden Egg- Fri Clues


  1. Vineyards and wineries each side of the lake. We could have a picnic if we had some cake.
  2. Not too close. Not too far. Probably mid way I would call par.
  3. Find a trash can and there you’ll see, with your back to it, there is me.
  4. I’ve been hiding here nearly a week. Please come find me. The wood’s not teak.
  5. There are two bridges. You must choose. Pick the wrong way and you lose.
  6. More than one in a row. Now do you know where to go?
  7. I’m in a place a dog wouldn’t dig. Not very tiny; not very big.
  8. I can hear cars and bikes go by. Not many trucks. Can you guess why?
  9. Look at the Butte. It’s green up there. Why can’t you find me? It’s not fair.
  10. It’s almost done. The clues getting few. The place I’m hiding isn’t new.