[1/9/17] Red Cross Opens Hometown Heroes Nominations

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The American Red Cross is inviting nominations from the community for the “Hometown Heroes” among us. If you know of a local individual or organization who has done something courageous or exceptional that deserves recognition…nominate them!

Megan Snow, Executive Director of American Red Cross, Serving the Greater Inland Northwest, says this year’s Hometown Heroes Event will serve as their 8th year…

010917 Hometown Hero 1 1:05 “…to make things better.”

Snow says nominations can be a variety of people- for just about any action that would be considered above and beyond…

010917 Hometown Hero 2 :31 “…get something out.”

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, February 15th.

Snow adds that nominations for the Hometown Heroes will then be submitted to an independent panel of community leaders to be selected and honored at the celebration set for Thursday, March 23 at the Wenatchee Convention Center…

010917 Hometown Hero 3 :27 “…what’s going on locally.”

For nomination forms- call the 509-663-3907, or email Megan Snow at megan.snow@redcross.org.