[5/5/16] PUD Warns High Spill From Lake Chelan

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Chelan County PUD officials are warning Lake Chelan residents and visitors of unusually high water levels in the lake and strong currents that will occur as a result of high spill- and has closed a boat launch as a precaution.

According to a media advisory sent out yesterday, snowpack is melting quicker than anticipated after April rang in at 6 degrees warmer than average.

Suzanne Hartman, a Communications Manager for Chelan County PUD, says the district must draw down the lake in order to maintain lake levels below the 1100 feet mark…

And, though there is no crystal ball into the future, Hartman says all signs are pointing to more warm weather….

The bottom line, Hartman says, is to be careful…

 For more information about lake levels and high water notices,click h ere:  https://www.chelanpud.org/parks-and-recreation/lake-chelan-lake-levels