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The Tasting Room is a fun and informative show showcasing wine, beer and spirits. Hosted by Jim Dai with the help of connoisseur Peter Mathews. Jim and Peter feature one beverage a week and discuss the history, manufacturing, tasting and pairing abilities. The Tasting Room runs on Thursdays at 1:05pm and on Saturdays at 10:45am. The most current (3) shows are available for listening at anytime by clicking on the desired show below.

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11/20/14 The Tasting Room - Ventamiglia
11/13/14 The Tasting Room - CR Sandidge Whistle Punk
11/05/14 The Tasting Room - Rio Vista Malbec
10/29/14 The Tasting Room - Benson Winery
10/17/14 The Tasting Room - Cardis Winery