[4/5/17] Pesticide Collection Coming Next Month- Must Reserve Spot By Next Wednesday

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WSDA- the Washington State Department of Agriculture is holding a pair of pesticide collection events in May, allowing the opportunity for farmers, ranchers and residents to safely and properly dispose of unusable and unwanted pesticide products.

To reserve a space for one of these events, contact WSDA by April 12. You can sign up for disposal by email at wastepesticide@agr.wa.gov- or call 360-902-2056.

People who sign up will be notified by program staff and will be given further instructions about the collection event, time and location.

If you don’t feel safe, or are uncomfortable handling the pesticide product, contact WSDA and request on site assistance.

Upon request, the program will provide on site assistance at no charge and help you safely inventory your unwanted pesticides.

The program only collects unusable and wanted agriculture and commercial grade pesticides.

Materials such as fertilizers, motor oil and household hazardous wastes are not accepted at the WSDA collections.

The WSDA operates the Waste Pesticide Disposal Program for residents, farmers, small businesses and public agencies, free of charge.

The goal is to help Washingtonians properly dispose of unused or unusable pesticides to prevent human and animal exposure and to eliminate the potential source of environmental contamination.