[1/12/17] Number Of Weather Related Accidents In State Is Astronomical

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The Washington State Patrol responded to more than 300 traffic accidents last weekend- including several fatalities.

Saturday, a chain-reaction event on Interstate 90, which involved 10 vehicles, was due in part by drivers who were driving too fast for the conditions.

More than 90 percent of recent accidents are the result of driving too fast for conditions.

That number, Washington State Patrol Trooper, Brian Moore, says is way too high, and most of them are avoidable…

011217 Winter Accidents 1 1:11 “…are staggering numbers.”

The reasons for drivers not slowing down– Trooper Moore says he believes there are likely a few…

011217 Winter Accidents 2 :31 “…compact snow and ice.”

Once the roads are icy, drivers need to double their following distance to eight car lengths, keep cruise control off, and stop gradually, never slamming on the brakes.

AAA recommends you keep emergency supplies in your car, including a flashlight, ice scraper, gloves, a phone charger, food and water, a blanket and any medication necessary.