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WSDOT Maintenance Thursday 05/22/14 5/22/2014


SR 150 (MP 0-3) Manson working east crack seal

Today 5 3:30 p.m., expect up to five minute delays with flaggers and a pilot car leading traffic through the work zone where crews are crack sealing the driving lanes and shoulders.

Work will be suspended Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, resuming Tuesday through Thursday, after Memorial Day.


Fog Seal

US 97 starting MP 235 (Beebe Bridge) working north to MP 242 (intersection 97 & 97A).  They should be able to complete this section. As the day progresses may send another email if they decide to move on to another section.


Crack Seal

SR 20 starting at MP 266 (east of Tonasket) working toward Tonasket. They’ll take the road at 8:00 am.  IF they are able to finish this section that ends in Tonasket they will go to MP 227 (West of Okanogan) working west towards Loup Loup.


Chip Seal

SR 17 starting at MP 127 (Leahy Junction) working north.7 AM start... They will broom overnighnight what they get chipped in the day.