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03/12 Wednesday KOZI News Bites 3/12/2014



The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has closed five water access sites along the Columbia River behind Wanapum Dam, where the water level has been drawn down in response to a cracked spillway.

WDFW officials said they closed the sites and are preventing access to the beach and exposed riverbed in WDFW wildlife areas along the river to protect public safety, fish habitat, and archeological and cultural resources. 

The reservoir behind the dam was lowered by about 26 feet after divers discovered a 65-foot-long fracture Feb. 27 along one of the dam’s spillways. As a result, the water level behind the dam is at its lowest point since the Grant County Public Utility District facility began operating in 1964.

Jim Brown, WDFW regional director for north-central Washington, said the reservoir level is so low that boaters can’t reach the water with their trailers, and some newly uncovered areas near the shoreline present quicksand-like conditions.

The closures affect the Yo Yo, Old Vantage Highway, Sunland Estates, Buckshot and Frenchman Coulee/Climbing Rocks water access sites.

WDFW also has closed the lower ends of roads that lead into the reservoir at the Colockum and L.T. Murray wildlife areas in Kittitas and Chelan counties, and at the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area in Grant County.  The upland portions of the wildlife areas above the ordinary high-water level remain open to the public, Brown said.

“For their own safety, we’re asking people to please stay off the beaches and any other areas that were under water before the drawdown,” he said.

Brown said the closures will be in effect until further notice and are being coordinated with the Grant County PUD. He said signs are being installed to inform the public, and WDFW law enforcement officers will be enforcing the closures in cooperation with local sheriff’s offices.  Grant County PUD is restricting access to the river on other nearby lands.

When the closures are lifted, information will be posted on the WDFW website:  Further information about the incident is available from the Grant County PUD at