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Stevens Pass Avalanche 2/12/2014

Sheriff Brian Burnett reports two subjects suffered injuries when they were caught in an avalanche while skiing just outside the Stevens Pass Ski Area boundary late Tuesday morning.

The RIVERCOM dispatch center and Chelan County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue coordinators were notified of the incident at 12:12pm Tuesday. Stevens Pass Ski Patrol reported at least two individuals were injured during the slide in an area known as “Big Chief” and Bull Mountain. The avalanche was initially reported to the ski area at 11:20am. Ski Patrol rescuers were on scene by 11:40am. Both subject were located quickly and transported to the medical office at the ski resort.

According to the ski patrol, 23 year old Eric Marble suffered a head injury and knee injury after being caught in the snow slide. His father, Curt Marble (48yoa) suffered a knee injury. Neither subject had been completely buried in the slide. The Marbles, of Laconner, WA, were eventually transported by a King County ambulance to an Everett area hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Due to recent heavy snow accumulations along the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains, avalanche conditions are considered “high”. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind persons traveling into the backwoods a the mountains to use extreme caution due to the current conditions.