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PUD Testing Rocky Reach Turbines 12/16/2013

As part of the ongoing repair work on the four largest generating turbines at Rocky Reach Dam, Chelan County PUD will need to make adjustments in river flow through Rocky Reach during the next couple of days.

Recreational users may see differences in river levels between Rocky Reach and Rock Island dams. . On Monday 12/16/13 recreationists should be aware that the PUD may be spilling water through Rocky Reach Dam. Caution should be used in the tailrace immediately below the dam. 

These operational measures will allow repair crews to continue testing and making adjustments to work taking place on Unit C11. 

All four of the largest units at Rocky Reach have been taken out of service. Unit C10 was taken out of service at the end of March. On Sept. 23 of this year the other three large turbines, C8, C9 and C11, also were taken out of service due to a crack discovered on a stainless steel rod that operates a servo motor in Unit C10. Since all four of the large units have a similar design, it was decided to inspect each unit. Temporary repairs are scheduled, with C11, the first of the four large units, expected to return to service by Jan. 31.