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Manger Mall Gift Ideas 12/6/2013


Manger Mall Gift Ideas


Gift Ideas for Ages 6-11


GirlsBarbies, Dolls, Silly Bands, Games, Art & Craft Kits

BoysTruck & Car Sets, Remote Cars, Legos, Nerf Toys, Soccer

Balls, Anything you can build


Teen Gift Ideas:


Girls -

Curling Iron Straighteners Makeup, Lip Gloss, Nail Polish

Jewelry Box Purse Girl’s Clothes

Cell Phone Case Colorful Shoe Laces Jewelry/Earrings

Soft Fuzzy Blankets Hat & Scarf Bath Sets



Dartboard Zumies Stuff Legos

Nerf Gun Toys Wallet Hand Held Video Games

Race Cars



DVD Movies Music Gift Cards Walmart Gift Card

iTune Card Headphones Music CD’s (current, not “R”)

Backpack Pizza Gift Cert Coffee Stand Card

Basket of Teen Treats (candy & snacks) Blanket


Small items can be combined in a Gallon Baggie with a stocking and placed in the comfort item area. If items valued under $10 are donated, pair them up with another item to bring the gift value up to our average $20 per gift.