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City Of Chelan On Recreational Marijuana 10/14/2013

 The City of Chelan took on the matter of recreational marijuana at its regular meeting last Thursday, and placed a moratorium on zoning regulations and permits for marijuana growing, processing and retail operations inside city limits.

Other counties and cities in the state have enacted or are considering moratoriums as they consider how to deal with the ramifications of Initiative 502, which legalized recreational marijuana in Washington state.

City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says placing a moratorium on recreational marijuana, such as the City of Chelan did, is similar to what other cities and towns throughout the state are facing…

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The Washington State Liquor Control Board will be in charge of regulating and licensing pot growers, processors and sellers, cities and counties must deal with how to draw up local zoning and permitting ordinances for those operations.

Chelan Mayor, Bob Goedde, says those regulations must be finalized by November 18th…

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Some cities, such as Seattle, are moving ahead to permit marijuana operations. But other cities and counties are holding back due to concerns over potential federal prosecution and other legal issues.