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Winter Preperations A Good Idea 10/14/2013

It may still be fall, but winter weather will be here sooner than later, and it’s a good idea for everyone to be cautious about traveling in winter weather. Cold, snow and ice are demanding on cars, drivers and passengers.

It is highly recommended that you prepare your vehicle for the season, that brings with it winter storms that can lead to dangerous driving conditions.

Chelan County Sheriff North Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says that now is a good time to put together a winter survival kit for your vehicle…

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If you should become stranded during a winter storm, stay with your vehicle and do not panic. If you are accompanied by others, take turns sleeping. Run the motor every hour for about 10 minutes to maintain warmth, but keep windows open a little bit to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide. Make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked and keep the car visible with brightly colored clothing tied to the side view mirrors, door handles or antenna. Exercise periodically by vigorously moving arms, legs, toes and fingers.