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Colockum Tarp Fire Now At 15,000 Acres 7/29/2013
On 7/27/13 at 8:00am a small brush fire started in the 7100 block of Colockum Road, Malaga.  By 11:00am the wind driven fire went to a third alarm and had reached in excess of 1000 acres at which time Sheriff Brian Burnett requested emergency declaration from the County Commissioners, which they granted.  The Sheriff’s Office immediately began level 3 evacuations on Colockum Road, Tarpisican Road, and Kingsbury Road.  Approximately 60 residents were notified of the fire and their evacuation level.  Apple Valley Red Cross has established a shelter for those evacuated from the affected area. To date, three primary residences and numerous outbuildings are confirmed to have been lost to fire. 

A type 2 Incident Command Team will be arriving today and transition into Command at 6 AM Monday morning.

Two minor injuries have been reported to fire fighters on the fire.
There has been significant fire activity throughout the day with fire moving both up canyons and others down due to changing winds. Weather will continue to bring low humidity and gusting winds.
A community meeting will be held to update affected citizens in the fire area at 7:30 pm on Monday night. Location to be determined by Monday morning and posted.
There is no known cause to the fire start at this time. A joint investigation is ongoing.
Approximately 240 fire personnel are on the fire lines.
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