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25 Mile Wildfire Mop Up Begins 7/8/2013
Check out the interview between KOZI's Jay Witherbee and the Public Information Officer for the 25 Mile Wildfire--
The 25 Mile wildfire continues to burn between Deer Point and Mitchell Creek above the north shore of Lake Chelan.  Although it is estimated at 2,098 acres, it is now 50% contained.  Without a major weather event, officials do not expect any significant movement of the fire.
The Level 1 evacuation notification to residents in the Emerson Acres and Greens Landing communities of Manson, Washington as well as at Antilon Lake Campground is still in effect. A Level 1 evacuation notice means residents should be aware of the danger that exists in the area and monitor local media outlets for information. Residents sensitive to smoke or with special needs should continue making arrangements to evacuate.
The Mitchell Creek Campground, accessible only by boat, is closed, as are Forest Service Roads #8200 (Grade Creek Road) beyond Antilon Lake and the 8200-117 (Oss Peak Road).
Yesterday, fire crews kept the fire west of the Mitchell Creek drainage, east of Grade Creek and south of the Grade Creek Road.  Mop up standards along the fire perimeter were met or exceeded, significantly reducing the possibility of escape or threat to structures.
Today’s weather is expected to be 87-90 degrees near the lake with westerly winds at 5-10 mph.  Humidity will continue to be low resulting in locally high fire danger.  
The objective for today is to provide for firefighter and public safety and to coordinate with Chelan County Sheriff’s Department to limit public exposure to danger. Additional objectives are to continue mop up along the fire perimeter. Officials on the fire are preparing to transfer its management to a local Type 3 fire organization composed primarily of US Forest Service Chelan and Wenatchee Ranger District staff by tomorrow, as conditions allow.  Five fire-fighting crews have been demobilized to be available for other incidents.
Helicopters continue to drop water on the fire to cool and extinguish hot spots.  Recreational boaters should be alert to stay clear of firefighting helicopters dipping water from the lake.  Boating safety is being monitored and enforced by the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department.
The public should continue to use care and caution with fire, especially around dry grass and brush.  This fire has been determined to be human-caused.  Any information about suspicious activity near the fire origin, around Dutch Harbor on the Fourth of July, should be directed to Alan Lawson DNR Fire Investigator at (509) 925-8510 or


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