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Hungry Black Bear Shuts Down Camp 6/25/2013

Until further notice Tumwater Campground on the upper Stehekin Valley Road is closed. 

The reason,-a hungry black bear.

The bear received a substantial food reward when it broke into a garbage can in the campground on Monday, June17th.  Rangers still aren’t sure how the bear managed to upend the bear-resistant garbage can from a concrete foundation.  Because the bear found a substantial amount of food, it is expected to return repeatedly to look for any other available snacking.  For this reason, the campground will be closed for a minimum of two weeks, said Jack Elski with the North Cascade National Park

The nearby High Bridge Campground will also receive frequent monitoring, as bears that have received food rewards at one or the other campground in the past have moved back and forth between them.  Elski said,” the park wants to nip this in the bud and keep the bear from finding any more food; therefore both campgrounds will be monitored daily.” 

Most often, garbage or easily-accessible food will draw bears to the campgrounds.  Elski said,” it’s crucial to keep food in a car or bear-resistant locker.” 


The safety of reopening the campground will be reevaluated July 3rd