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Chelan Council Plans Beautification Work 5/8/2013
ChelanCity officials have spent a fair amount of their time over the past month working on a couple of projects with less of a business focus and more in the beautification realm.
One will have the corner of Woodin Avenue and Columbia street ditching the appropriately earned nickname- “garbage can intersection”- and the other will focus on the beautification of the Johnson Avenue median.
ChelanCity Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says the council approved the hiring of a consultant for the three way stop and removal of the garbage cans is planned for the near future- however- they will be replaced with another temporary fix.
The council also heard at their meeting last week, a presentation from Dwayne VanEpps, City of Chelan Public Works Director, that offered three design options for the Johnson Ave median project.
The flamingos were placed in the median shortly after the completion of the pedestrian safety project that fondly became known as Johnson Jungle last summer- and have been decorated for each holiday throughout the year.
When asked if it was appropriate for a policy making body to be spending so much time and energy on what to plant on a city street– Councilwoman, Wendy Isenhart had this to say.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio