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Link Adjusts Routes For Apple Blossom 4/23/2013
All Wenatchee Routes Will Be Fare-Free on Parade Days
Link Transit routes will be altered on Saturday, April 27, and Saturday, May
4 to accommodate the parades in Wenatchee. Schedules will be adhered to as closely as traffic conditions will allow. Routes have been adjusted to get riders to and from the main areas of activity as easily and conveniently as possible, without disrupting regular service to a great extent. And again this year, Routes 1, 5, 8E, 8W, 9, and 19 will be fare free on both Saturdays.
"Adjusting our service due to the parades is unavoidable, but we do everything possible to maintain the service for our regular riders, as well as make it convenient for those who may want to try our services during this time", said Eric West, Marketing Coordinator. "We invite the entire community to consider transit as an option during Apple Blossom, whether it is to go to one of the parades or the food fair, or just to avoid traffic.
And again this year all routes operating within Wenatchee are free on the parade days."
People driving into Wenatchee from Chelan or Leavenworth are encouraged to park at the Olds Station Park and Ride on Penny Road and take Route 8E into Wenatchee. Transit riders from these areas can get into downtown Wenatchee directly on Route and 21 (Lake Chelan area), or Route 22 (Leavenworth and Cashmere).
The following changes will be in effect:

Route 1: 60 minute frequency from 7:30 to 5:30. On May 4, from 7:30 until 3:00, the portion of the route west of Okanogan Street will not be served.

Route 5: Modified to serve Memorial Park from 7:30 - 4:30 with 30 minute frequency, no service to Columbia Station. The bus will load and unload on King Street next to the Chelan County Shop.

Route 7: No service on April 27 or May 4.

Route 8E/8W: Regular service with some deviation until 3:00 PM to avoid Miller Street between Millerdale and Washington.

Route 9 (Wenatchee Trolley): Regular schedule of 30 minute frequency from 10:00 - 5:00. On April 27, the trolley will operate the regular route. On May 4, the trolley will run on Worthen Street to Fifth to Wenatchee Avenue to avoid the parade route, during the parade, returning to regular route at 3:00 PM.

Route 19 (East Wenatchee Trolley): Regular service.

Routes 21/22: Regular schedule, with routing changes to avoid parade route.

Route 23: No changes.

For more information on the changes to Link Transit service during Apple Blossom, call Guest Services at 662-1155 or go online to