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Chelan FFA Spring Plant Sale Is Comng 4/18/2013
The Greenhouse at the Chelan High School Agriculture Education Department is over flowing with plants and that’s a sure sign that spring is here.  So mark your calendars for the 26th Annual CHS Agriculture Education Department Spring Plant Sale on Saturday April 27th from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.   The Natural Resource Science Students have raised an excellent crop of over 14,000 plants just waiting to go home to your yard or garden.  They have growing and nurturing these plants and working in the Greenhouse since late January and have a great crop of bedding plants and vegetable starts on the way for you.  From Geraniums to Lobelia, Pansies to Asters, Canna Lillies to Marigolds, Peppers to Petunias, Heirloom Tomatoes to Cucumbers, and new this year the “Wave” Petunias are here, and all are being tended by Chelan FFA members. 
As always for best selection come early, quality is excellent, quantities are limited.  So make a plan to come to the plant sale and see what these kids have done.