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Manson Recycle Bin Future In Question 4/11/2013
Problems continue to plague the Manson Recycling area- it has been moved numerous times, residents continue to dump garbage and other unwanted items – and now, neighbors are complaining that it is too noisy.
The bins are facilitated by the City of Chelan through a program that is partially funded by Chelan Count.
The bins were moved about a year ago to an area near the Trout building that proved to be too busy during harvest, so they were moved again to their current location behind the Trout warehouse on the corner of Boetzke Road and Green Ave.
ChelanCounty Commissioner, Doug England, says that now there is a new complaint.
City of Chelan Recycle Coordinator, Scott Beaton, feels the real problems surrounding the Manson Recycle bins are less about the noise and more about misuse.
Beaton adds that in addition to the garbage- many just aren’t following the directions, particularly when it comes to the plastics.
The future of the Manson Recycle bins remains unclear- as Commissioners continue the discussion in looking for alternative locations.
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