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Bridgeport's Additional Water Rights On Tap 4/9/2013
At their regular meeting tomorrow evening, the Bridgeport City Council will be asked to give Mayor Marilynn Lynn permission to sign a contract with the Department of Ecology that will close the gap in the city’s long anticipated effort to purchase water rights to keep up with the area growth.
The contract with the Department of Ecology that Mayor Lynn hopes to sign spells out the terms of the agreement for Bridgeport to purchase water rights for additional 600-acre feet per year- and she predicts more than a simple yes vote.
The City would be purchasing the water rights at $60 an acre foot- making it an annual payment of $36 thousand over the next 25 years.
Lynn says the additional water could mean growth to the City that is getting backed up against a wall when it comes to its water supply.
If the council gives Mayor Lynn permission to sign the Department of Ecology agreement at tomorrow night’s meeting- the City of Bridgeport could be pulling in water with their new permit by later this Spring.
Tomorrow’s meeting is set to begin at 7PM in Council Chambers at the BridgeportCity hall.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio