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Pangborn Agreement Back For Reivision 4/2/2013
The anticipated pact surrounding the expansion project at PangbornMemorialAirport, between the Port of Chelan County and the Port of Douglas County hit a snag last Thursday, when the Port of Douglas County Commissioners made some changes to the proposed agreement.
The five year proposed agreement would have dissolved the Airport Governing Board and assign sole responsibility for airport operations to the Port of Chelan, and paves the way for property owners, who own parcels needed to extend the runway to be paid according to airport funded appraisals of their properties.
Mark Urdahl, Director of the Port of Chelan County, says the new changes to the proposed agreement will force the commissioners back to the drawing board.
The expansion project is necessary to extend the existing runway length, which is 63 hundred feet- however, due to some strict FAA regulations, only 57 hundred feet are approved for use.
Urdahl says that for the aircraft currently serving Pangborn, the 57 hundred feet runway works most of the time.
The Port of Chelan County Commissioners will meet this Thursday to reconsider now changed proposed agreement with the Port of Douglas County.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio