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Library Bids Opened - Higher Than Expected 3/27/2013
The City of Chelan, along with representitives from the Friends of the Library opened bids last week for the Library Project – but were forced to take the bid acceptance off this week’s meeting agenda after all bids came in higher than anticipated.
The City purchased the former MasonicTemple on Emerson Street last spring and quickly began making plans to rebuild it to allow for the library to move in.
They received a $490 thousand Community Development Block Grant. One of the stipulations for that grant was that the community raises $160 thousand to show the community was on board with the plans for a new library.
City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says the City put the project out for bid and received four bids ranging from $688 thousand to a low bid of $663 thousand- which amounts to nearly $100 thousand more than the city anticipated.
The Chelan City Council will continue to hammer out details on the library project, and KOZI will be sure to bring you that information as it is made available.
Plans to complete the library project are still set for late this summer.
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