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KOZI Teams Up To Share Jerry Jr's Story 2/8/2013
By Richard Uhlhorn

As many of you know, Jerry Isenhart Jr. is in a major battle against cancer. He was diagnosed with an inoperable and malignant brain tumor. Jerry Jr. is in SwedishHospital and has a team of medical personnel from surgeons to nurses working towards a positive resolution to this issue.

Jerry Sr., Cecilia and his younger brother Willy are currently at Jerry Jr’s bedside 24 hours a day. In addition, thoughts and prayers for his full recovery are pouring in through a special blog that has been set-up by Jerry Sr. and Willy.
Today marks the fourth day of his stay in Swedish. On Tuesday, the surgeons successfully operated to relieve fluid pressure on the brain that was leading to massive and unbearable headaches.
In the near future, possibly today, February 7, Jerry Jr. will begin his long road to recovery with a series of radiation treatments and chemotherapy.
His spirits have been lifted by an outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts posted on his blog ( He was sitting up in bed this morning, reading these postings on his I-Pad and Jerry Sr. wrote on the blog this morning (February 7): “As he read through your messages his face went from a deep worried frown to a tearful smile as he realized just how many people cared about him. Your words have been a priceless medicine for his heart and his head. We can’t say enough”
Jerry Jr. (right) took the time to pose with his mother, Cecilia, and fellow player Matt Peterson and a cousin. 
A group of concerned community members who know the Isenhart family well have set-up an account at North Cascades National Bank (NCNB) called the Isenhart Family Care Account. Donations to this account can be made at any branch of NCNB.
There is also a donation account set-up at Give Naked (, a Chelan charity that helps people in need. Their message to the community reads: Several community members have contacted Give Naked to let us know that the Isenhart family could use some help. Certainly, they will be faced with massive expenses beyond medical bills including travel and hotel fees. Would you be willing to give $5 or $10 to help this local family?
While insurance will cover most hospital expenses (not all), there are still living expenses for the family while staying in Seattle. Small donations add up and are genuinely appreciated. Ray Dobbs, business development manager at NCNB said this morning that the Isenharts have direct access to the Isenhart Family Care Account.
The Isenhart family truly appreciates the community they call home. Over the years, this community has continually stepped up to help people who are in need from an entire host of issues from house fires to situations being faced by the Isenhart Family.