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Wolf Bill To Be Heard Today In Olympia 2/5/2013
Washington State lawmakers will hear a bill today aimed to help manage the growing wolf population in areas of eastern Washington.
The initiative is part of a long standing political hot spot that is being charged by Okanogan County Commissioners, who have since enlisted the support of six other counties: Ferry, Stevens, Pend Orielle (PONDERAY), Lincoln, Grant and AdamsCounties.
Okanogan County Commissioner chair, Jim De Tro, told KOZI that the issue really gained momentum in 2011, two years after the Federal Government removed the wolf from the endangered species list- but Washington has declined to follow suit.
Today’s bill, is one of three being introduced by State Representative Joel Kretz- and, according to Commissioner De Tro, will even out distribution of wolves throughout the state.
For De Tro, along with the rest of the Okanogan County Commissioners, the ideal outcome would be to de-list the wolf and instead, list them as a game animal with an open hunting season.

Past attempts to have the wolf de-listed have been declined because the state concluded that number of wolves was not sufficient to constitute a healthy, self sustaining population.
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