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Winthrop/Twisp Discuss Merging Marshals 1/9/2013
One year after the Town of Twisp revoked parts of its mutual aid agreement with the Winthrop Marshal’s Office, Twisp is singing a different tune- and is requesting the two towns discuss the possibility of merging.
In a letter to Winthrop Mayor, Dave Acheson, in early January of last year, Twisp Mayor, Soo Ing-Moody, stated that the Winthrop Marshals Office was no longer welcome to assist on calls for law enforcement, citing concerns of officer safety and potential liability.
Since that time, facing tough budget shortfalls, the Town of Twisp is asking Winthrop to consider combining law enforcement.
Winthrop Mayor, Dave Acheson, says the merging of law enforcement is not a new discussion.
The two towns, which are about 8 miles apart, are in preliminary discussions at this time, and discussions are expected to continue through the year. 
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