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Hwy 2 Opens- County Figures Cost Of Storm 12/26/2012
Warmer than forecasted temperatures and a steady breeze caused most of the snow and ice on tree branches along Highway 2, east of Stevens Pass, to release, allowing the Washington State Department of Transportation to reopen the highway yesterday afternoon.
But after nearly 70 hours of closure, and crews working day and night to restore power and clear roadways as a result of the storm, the financial burden is proving to be very high.
ChelanCounty Commissioner, Doug England, told KOZI that Chelan CountyPUD is estimating costs of more than $2 million.
Commissioner England says the county is already actively seeking funding to help pay for the cost to repair and clean-up after the storm.
Crews will continue to monitor conditions along Highway 2 closely.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio