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Council Takes Neutral Stance On Fingers 12/26/2012
ChelanCity Council will likely pass a resolution at their first meeting of 2013- aimed at settling community concern regarding the city’s stance on the ongoing litigation between Goodfellow Brothers Incorporated and Chelan Basin Conservancy.
The City of Chelan became a party to the lawsuit when Goodfellow Brothers incorporated, who owns the land known as Three Fingers, decided to develop the land.
ChelanBasin Conservancy, a Chelan based conservation group, filed two lawsuits: one against the City of Chelan for approving the development permit and another against the landowners- in their quest to have the fingers removed.
The council is now hoping to set the record straight with the public, that they are not on either side of the fence, but rather, remain neutral on the issue.
The issue remains before Judge Leslie Allen, who will be looking at all the issues before offering a decision.
That resolution will sit before the Chelan City Council at their Thursday, January 10th meeting- their first for 2013.
KOZI will continue to look at issues on the full agenda for that meeting, including the No-See-Um intersection.
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